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Founded in 2011, Lanfier Magnet operates from Shenzhen, Guangdong Province. With a 20,000 sqm production facility and skilled team of 200+, we specialize in NdFeB and Rubber Magnets, offering custom solutions. Our magnets serve various industries worldwide, adhering to stringent quality standards. ISO, REACH, ROHS, and SGS certified, we’re your trusted magnet partner.

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Our Advantages

Magnetic Force

Harness the essence of magnetism for boundless possibilities. With premium rare earth materials, rigorous testing, and meticulous packaging, we offer unparalleled magnetic solutions. Elevate your applications with our superior magnets, ensuring exceptional performance and enduring reliability. From industry-leading expertise to unmatched after-sales support, we’re your partner in magnetic excellence. Experience the difference with Lanfier Magnet – where magnetic strength meets limitless potential.

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Our Pricing Advantages: Tailored Solutions, Cost-effectiveness, Proven Success. Benefit from personalized communication, budget-friendly plans, and a track record of successful pricing strategies. Elevate your projects with optimal pricing that ensures top performance within your budget.

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Clients chose us

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Our Advantages

Customization Service

  • Magnetic Force
  • Tolerance
  • Coating
  • Size

Tailored Solutions for Every Need. Explore diverse magnetic strengths from N25 to N52, including N45M, N45H, N42SH, and N33UH, ensuring peak performance across applications.

  • Micro Tolerance: ±0.02mm.
  • Tailored Precision.
  • Perfect Fit.
  • Accurate Dimensions.
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With an exceptional standard industry tolerance of ±0.05mm, we excel by achieving an even finer precision of ±0.02mm at Lanfier Magnet. Our diverse tolerance options guarantee the perfect match for your magnet dimensions and applications.

  • Micro Tolerance: ±0.02mm.
  • Tailored Precision.
  • Perfect Fit.
  • Accurate Dimensions.
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Our comprehensive coating choices, such as Zinc, Nickel, Gold, Rubber, and Epoxy, ensure magnets perform impeccably in diverse environments, delivering extended durability and optimal functionality for your specific applications.

  • Diverse Coatings: Varied options.
  • Enhanced Durability: Increased resilience.
  • Custom Solutions: Tailored protection.
  • Optimal Performance: Improved functionality.
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Ranging from individual magnets up to 200mm, and magnet assemblies meticulously crafted to match your application requirements.

  • Precision Sizes.
  • Versatile Dimensions.
  • Custom Magnet Assemblies.
  • Expert Engineering.
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