• Customized Neodymium Block Magnets for Your Needs

    Customized Neodymium Block Magnets for Your Needs

    Explore Custom Neodymium Block Magnets: Elevate Your Projects. Our Neodymium NDFEB block magnets, N25 to N52, offer strong magnetic force for various uses. Crafted from premium materials sourced directly from state-owned enterprises, ensuring consistency. With precise ±0.02mm dimensions, they fit accurately. Choose nickel, zinc, or epoxy coatings for durability. Sizes up to 200mm. Ideal for manufacturing, electronics, and automotive industries. Trust our quality-driven approach backed by REACH, ROHS, and SGS certifications. Enhance your projects with reliable block magnets.

  • Natural Magnetic Therapy Health Magnet

    Natural Magnetic Therapy Health Magnet

    Discover the Benefits of Therapeutic Magnets crafted from Ferrite Powder. Enhance your well-being with these innovative health magnets. Their unique design allows targeted application, promoting circulation and easing discomfort. Available in various specifications, they cater to diverse treatment requirements. Widely used in healthcare and rehabilitation, they alleviate joint pain and muscle tension. Elevate your daily wellness routine with Therapy Magnets, adding vitality and comfort to your life. Embrace the natural power of healing magnets for a holistic wellness journey. Experience the wonders of natural healing with Therapy Magnet.