Magnet Balls for Creative Play

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Discover the Fascination of Magnet Balls – Endless Creativity Unleashed! Crafted with premium neodymium magnets, our Magnetic Balls offer an irresistible pull and seamless connections for immersive play. Unleash your imagination as you build intricate sculptures, solve puzzles, and experience the captivating world of magnetism. Engaging for all ages, these tiny spheres provide stress relief and endless tactile sensations. Get your Magnetic Balls now and ignite the spark of curiosity and wonder.

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Product Name: Neodymium Magnet, NdFeB Magnet


Grade & Working Temperature:

Grade Working Temperature
N30-N55 +80℃ / 176℉
N30M-N52M +100℃ / 212℉
N30H-N52H +120℃ / 248℉
N30SH-N50SH +150℃ / 302℉
N30SH-N50SH +180℃ / 356℉
N28EH-N48EH +200℃ / 392
N28AH-N45AH +220℃ / 428℉
Coating: Ni-Cu-Ni,Ni, Zn, Au, Ag, Epoxy, Passivated, etc.
Application: As toys for fun; Machines; or any other places you want, etc.
Advantage: If in stock, free sample and deliver at same day; Out of stock, delivery time is same with mass production
Sizes Range: 3-30mm

Product Description

The Magnetic Ball: Ignite Creativity and Relaxation

Discover the endless possibilities of the Magnetic Ball – a dynamic toy composed of small yet powerful magnetic spheres, designed to inspire creativity and relaxation. Crafted from sintered neodymium magnet/NdFeB, these balls possess a three-layer plating of nickel-copper-nickel, ensuring durability and a material density of 7.5. With a Curie temperature of 310-370(℃) and a maximum energy product of 270-380(K//m3), they guarantee both stability and performance.

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Product Introduction

Unleash your imagination as you construct an array of captivating structures, from basic shapes to intricate models. These versatile balls, each endowed with strong magnetic force, effortlessly adhere to one another, forming stable and engaging formations. Suitable for both children and adults, the Magnetic Ball offers more than just entertainment. Children enhance their spatial cognition and creativity, fashioning houses, animals, and vehicles. Adults find respite from daily stress, engaging in play that fosters patience, intelligence, and innovative thinking.

Product Features

Magnet Balls for Creative Play (1)

1.Swift assembly allows for the creation of countless 3D geometric patterns.

2.A stress-reliever, it offers relaxation, mental clarity, and improved patience.

3.The Magnetic Ball serves as a canvas for imagination, nurturing inspiration and fostering a sense of accomplishment.

In sum, the Magnetic Ball epitomizes creative versatility. From childhood to adulthood, it cultivates cognitive growth while providing endless amusement.

Not simply an entertainment piece, it doubles as an educational tool, promoting cognitive skills in young minds. Choose the Magnetic Ball to elevate your leisure time, learning experiences, and moments of tranquility.

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