Fast Lead Time

We are committed to providing efficient and reliable service, ensuring that our products are delivered to customers within 7-10 days. Below are our strengths and capabilities in: 


Communication efficiency

We pay attention to close communication with customers and respond quickly to your needs and questions. Our teams collaborate efficiently on workflows, ensuring timely communication and a smooth collaboration experience.


Ability to design solutions

We have a professional design team equipped with advanced design software and tools. We are able to provide you with a personalized magnet solution according to your requirements and needs and ensure that the design meets your expectations.


Supply chain advantages

We have established a good partnership with suppliers, which enables us to quickly obtain the required raw materials and maintain sufficient inventory. This gives us the flexibility to fulfill your orders and ensures that the magnets you need will be manufactured and shipped in a timely manner.


Advanced equipment and skilled workers

We have invested in advanced production equipment and technology, meanwhile, our workers are experienced and skilled in the process of magnet manufacturing. Through the combination of technology and experience, we are able to ensure high quality magnet products.


Factory management process

We have a strict factory management process to ensure the efficiency and standardization of the production process. We follow the ISO quality management system and carry out continuous monitoring and improvement to ensure product quality and on-time delivery.


The team matches the logistics progress

Our team maintains close contact with the logistics company, can timely match the logistics progress, and ensure that your magnets are delivered to your destination on time.

Through the above advantages and capabilities, we ensure our fast "Lead Time" , and provide you with high-quality magnet products and excellent services.