Customization Service

Customization Service

We offer a variety of customizable options to meet your specific needs and requirements.

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Here are the customizable options we offer:

  • Different magnetic force: At Lanfier Magnet, we excel in offering customized magnetic solutions tailored precisely to your needs.    Our extensive product range encompasses a wide spectrum of magnetic grades, ranging from N25 to N52, including N45M, N45H, N42SH, and N33UH.    From low-grade to high-grade magnets, we are committed to providing exceptional magnetic strength, ensuring optimal performance and efficacy for your applications.
  • Tolerance: Our standard industry tolerance is typically within ±0.05mm, but at Lanfier Magnet, we can achieve a more precise tolerance of within ±0.02mm.    We offer various tolerance ranges to meet your specific requirements, ensuring the optimal fit for your magnet dimensions and application needs.
  • Plating or Coating: Our expertise in the industry allows us to provide various coating options to enhance the performance and durability of our magnets.

Here are the customizable options we offer:

Zinc Coating (Zn):

A cost-effective option that provides moderate corrosion resistance, suitable for indoor applications.

Nickel Coating (Ni):

Enhances corrosion resistance, making it ideal for outdoor and marine environments.

Nickel-Copper-Nickel Coating (NiCuNi):

Offers superior corrosion resistance and durability, well-suited for harsh environments.

Gold Coating (Au): 

Provides excellent corrosion resistance and is often used in electronic and medical applications.

Rubber Coating:

Offers a protective layer for magnets used in delicate applications or to prevent scratching and chipping.

Epoxy Coating:

Provides a smooth, protective layer, ensuring long-term performance in various environments.

Our commitment to quality and precision ensures that each custom coating solution is meticulously applied, guaranteeing optimal performance and longevity for your specific applications. Let us know your coating preferences, and we will tailor the perfect solution to meet your needs.



Our customization services extend to precise size specifications, catering to a wide range of needs.
For individual magnets, we can craft sizes up to 200mm, ensuring that your specific requirements are met with exceptional precision.

For magnet assemblies and components, the possibilities are virtually limitless.    We can create magnet assemblies of various shapes and sizes, tailor-made to fit your application perfectly. Our expert team of engineers and technicians can collaborate closely with you to design and manufacture magnet assemblies that suit even the most intricate and large-scale projects.


Whether you need large magnet components for industrial applications or precision-sized magnets for specialized equipment, we have the capabilities and expertise to deliver outstanding results. Our commitment to quality and innovation ensures that your custom-sized magnets and assemblies will meet the highest industry standards and exceed your expectations. Feel free to discuss your size requirements with us, and we will be delighted to turn your vision into reality.

Why Lanfier Magnet

Lanfier Magnet, exquisite craftsmanship, industry benchmark, focus on all kinds of magnet customization for 14 years!


Lanfier Magnet, exquisite craftsmanship, industry benchmark, focus on all kinds of magnet customization for 14 years! Lanfier Magnet has become the focus of the industry, escorting the brand, has good credit and reputation in the industry.

Quality comes from craftsmanship, Lanfier Magnet has a production team with 14 years of experience and an R&D and design team that steadily controls the whole situation, focusing on the perfection of every detail! Lanfier Magnet custom orders are designed by the team and every process is strictly controlled from raw materials to finished products. We put our customers first and focus on the planning and output of one-stop total solutions, with an emphasis on exclusivity and personalized customization to give our customers a sustainable competitive advantage.

Creative Custom Design -- Materials Refinement - 14 Complicated Process - Complete Products Test


Materials Sintering


Materials Refinement


Complicated Process


Complete Products Test


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Lanfier Customized Products Cases​​​​​​​

Starting With Customization, But for You

Hearing Aid Display Accessories

This magnetic accessory is used for displaying hearing aids in the showroom and has strict requirements for temperature and humidity. After different people pick it up with their hands, there may be sweat on their hands touching the object, so special treatment is needed for the coating.

The size of the product is small, and it needs to drag up a relatively large object, so the requirement of magnetism is also very high, require high magnetic material to finish. The magnet itself needs to be perforated, and the perforation of small magnets is very demanding on the process


Knife Holder

The magnets used inside the knife holder and their arrangement determine the magnetic force of the tool holder. Lanfier Magnet can customize a knife holder to meet your needs at an affordable price.

Magnet Tube Used In Machine

Custom made SUS stainless steel tube with both size M8 or M10 screw hole. The Magnetism tested outside can be above 10000 gauss.


NFC Magnet

1. The NFC magnets customized should put into a case.

2. Phone can read NFC when we put the phone near the case.

3. The magnetism distance is the most hard part here.

Clothes Magnet

Different sizes of clothes magnets designed based on client’s exact application.

Some used in medical clothes, some use in coats and some use in swimwear,etc.


Bio Health Magnet

We customize different sizes for clients. Wildly used in patches, pillows, mattress, massage chair, beauty products and so on. High temperature resistant.

Magnet For LED Mirror

We customize different kinds of magnets used in mirror filed.

Different sizes and different strength.


Magnet For Ipad Keyboard Case

Magnets for Ipad,usually need very thin and strong magnetism.

Very common size:20*3*1mm and 35*5*1mm.

You can customize other sizes based on your needs.

Advanced Equipment Efficient Prodution

Lanfier Magnet focus on sintered Ndfeb permanent magnets, Ferrite Magnets, and Rubber Magnets, having many years of OEM and ODM experience in those products and solutions.

  • Multi-wire cutting machine
    Multi-wire cutting machine
    A multi-wire cutting Machine is an advanced machine, which uses new cutting process that cuts hard and brittle materials such as magnetic materials into hundreds of thin slices at the same time by bringing abrasives into the magnetic materials processing area for grinding through the high-speed reciprocating motion of metal wires.
  • Cutting Slicing Machine
    Cutting Slicing Machine
    Cutting slicing machine is a kind machine that to use the inner circle slicer or multi-line slicer to cut the large magnet (strong magnetic NdFeB) blank into small pieces.
  • Square Roller Round Machine
    Square Roller Round Machine
    A square roller is a machine that rolls small square materials into a round blank material. This machine can facilitate many orders for round magnets and reduce costs.
  • Magnetizing Machine
    Magnetizing Machine
    The magnetic machine is an electromagnet with strong magnetic force, equipped with a variety of iron shapes as additional poles, in order to form a closed magnetic circuit with the magnet being charged..
  • Gauss Testing Machine
    Gauss Testing Machine
    Gauss Testing Machine is a professional machine for testing the magnetism of magnets. After all magnets are finished, we will test the magnetism and ship the magnets only after they pass the test.
  • Pulling Force Tester
    Pulling Force Tester
    A pulling force tester is a tester for testing the vertical pulling force of magnets. For many magnets with very high magnetic force, the customer needs to know the specific tension of the product. This tester will help it.
  • Plating Testing Machine
    Plating Testing Machine
    Plating analysis: single layer plating, double layer plating, triple layer plating, alloy plating can be analyzed. Analysis of plating solution: analysis of the concentration of the main components of the plating solution (such as the concentration of nickel ions in nickel plating solution, copper ions in copper plating solution, etc.
  • Spray Test Machine
    Spray Test Machine
    Salt spray test is an environmental test mainly using salt spray test equipment created by artificial simulation of salt spray environmental conditions to assess the corrosion resistance of products or metal materials. Salt spray test standard is the salt spray test conditions, such as temperature, humidity, sodium chloride solution concentration and pH, etc. to make clear and specific provisions, in addition to the performance of the salt spray test chamber technical requirements.
  • Tolerance Quadratic Inspection Machine
    Tolerance Quadratic Inspection Machine
    This tolerance inspection machine can detect the dimensional accuracy of magnets to 0.02mm.