Powerful Ring Magnets for Diverse Applications

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Experience the Strength of Ring Magnets – Unparalleled Rare Earth Permanence. Crafted from premium materials, our ring magnets promise exceptional performance, boasting a focused magnetic field. Their durability withstands corrosion and wear, ensuring consistent strength for the long haul. Choose from a range of sizes tailored for mechanical, industrial, and research necessities. Count on these magnets for steadfast solutions in fixing, adsorption, suspension, and beyond.

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Product Name: Neodymium Magnet, NdFeB Magnet



Grade & Working Temperature:

Grade Working Temperature
N30-N55 +80℃ / 176℉
N30M-N52M +100℃ / 212℉
N30H-N52H +120℃ / 248℉
N30SH-N50SH +150℃ / 302℉
N30SH-N50SH +180℃ / 356℉
N28EH-N48EH +200℃ / 392
N28AH-N45AH +220℃ / 428℉
Coating: Ni-Cu-Ni, Ni, Zn, Au, Ag, Epoxy, Passivized, etc.
Application: Electronics,Medical Devices,Automotive Industry,Energy Generation,Industrial Equipment,Research and Development,Consumer Electronics,Aerospace Industry,Renewable Energy,Educational Tools,Hobby and Craft,Sensors, motors, filter automobiles, magnetic holders, loudspeakers, wind generators,  medical equipment, etc.
Advantage: If in stock, free sample and deliver at same day; Out of stock, delivery time is same with mass production

Product Description

Ring Magnet is a premium magnetic ring product used in a variety of applications including industrial, medical, scientific research and more. Ring Magnet is known for its excellent magnetic performance and versatile design.

Ring Magnet is manufactured with high-quality magnet material, which has strong and stable magnetic force. It can generate a strong magnetic field and can effectively absorb and fix other objects. Ring Magnet's versatile design allows users to flexibly use it in various applications, such as magnetic fixation, sensor actuation, and electromagnetic machinery.

Powerful Ring Magnets for Diverse Applications (5)
Powerful Ring Magnets for Diverse Applications (4)
Powerful Ring Magnets for Diverse Applications (3)

Product Introduction

Ring Magnet is widely used in the field of magnetic fixation. Due to its strong magnetic force, it can be used to fix and connect various objects, such as tools, devices, instruments and equipment, etc. Whether in domestic use or industrial environments, Ring Magnet can provide reliable fixing solutions to ensure the stability and safety of objects.

In addition, Ring Magnet can also be used as a sensor driver device. Due to its strong magnetic properties, it can drive various sensors to work, such as position sensors, speed sensors and angle sensors. These sensors play a key role in many applications such as automation systems, navigation equipment, and instrumentation. By using Ring Magnet as the sensor driving device, the sensitivity and accuracy of the sensor can be improved.

Product Features

Powerful Ring Magnets for Diverse Applications (6)

☀ In addition, Ring Magnet can also be applied to the field of electromagnetic machinery. Its strong magnetic force can be used to drive the rotary motion of the motor. This is very important in many mechanical equipment and installations, such as power tools, electronic equipment, and automobile engines. Efficient and reliable motion control and actuation can be achieved by using Ring Magnet as the core of the electromagnetic machinery.

☀ In conclusion, Ring Magnet is a premium magnetic ring product with strong magnetic force and multifunctional design. It is widely used in the fields of magnetic fixation, sensor drive and electromagnetic machinery, providing users with reliable and efficient solutions. With its promotion and application in various application fields, Ring Magnet will continue to exert its excellent functions and market potential.

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